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Reflections: the quest for the golden fleece

The Quest for the Flexible Golden Fleece – a collaborative story from the FLLs of 2002

… and so it began. Wide eyed with anticipation,

Columba, Dorado, Tucana and Aquila groups greeted the

Change Managers at the entrance to (FSM) Flexible School

of Management in the barrow of Ryde, deep in the (FFD)

Forest of Flexible Dreams….. …A few hours

previously these brand new FLL’s were spread far and

wide across this huge country, but now they had finally

come together to share their experiences and move

forward on their quest – but this time as a team. But

before this could begin…..

The FLL’s wondered at the beauty of the Flexible

Learning Land. The vast expanse of blue sky reflected in

the shimmering lake. Ducks floating by as the trees

swayed gently in the breeze. They stood there beside the

Wizard carved in stone and wondered what magic lay ahead

….the yellow brick road…

as they gazed in awe at the yellow brick road, they

notice suddenly that the Wizard carved in stone has an

envelope in it’s hand (and a lolly too). You reach for

the envelope, and opening it discover a clue directing

you down the yellow brick road in search


…the Wizard of FLL Oz. The clue pointed to the action

learning path – the path with support and challenge

combined. They knew then that this was the path that

would help them to find what they were looking for. The

FLL Lion was looking for courage at the end of the road,

the FLL Tinman sought a brain and the FLL Strawman

sought wisdom. Each was seeking without the qualities

they needed to support them through the turbulence of

leading an organisation into the Land of Flexible

Learning. They were cheerful, excited and happy as they

set off down the action learning path to the yellow

brick road that would lead them to the Wizard of FLL Oz.

Little did they know that around the corner lay

frustration, obstacles, disappointment, personal

challenge and stress…

by the team


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