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Reflections: astrology 2004

End of January and an end to another phase in my life. The astrological influences that have always guided me on my path, are once again directing me forward to new beginnings, new practices and new experiences for February.

Let’s see what I’ve learned from the stars in January:

Astrology will feature largely for me in 2004. Apparently the stars will be in the exact same position during April/May this year as they were in 1945 when I was born. This is a time of great importance for me in which opportunities will arise that I must take in order to change my life for the better.

My Forecast from for this period reports:

Neptune trine Uranus: Enlightening experience

10 January 2004 until 4 March 2004: This influence will expose you to ways of looking at the world that are quite different from any you have known before. The alternate states of consciousness designated by this influence are not terrifying or confusing, and problems with drugs or peculiar mental conditions are not likely. Instead, you are much more likely to experience a widening interest in the greater depths of the universe and an increased ability to perceive them. Your intuition will be enormously heightened at this time, and if you have any innate psychic talents, they will appear now. You will be increasingly interested in the occult and astrology, and these disciplines will give you understandings that you have never had before. It is quite likely that you will have an enlightenment experience – a perception of your true place in the universe – on some level that is meaningful to you.

Saturn conjunction Saturn: Pruning your life

30 April 2004 until 20 May 2004: This is one of the most important times in your life. A major cycle of experience is closing, and great changes are about to take place. How great these changes are depends largely on what you have been doing with your life over the past several years. Have you been living as you feel you should or as you think others want you to? If you have been doing the latter, this influence will have a greater impact.

This influence occurs about every twenty-nine years. The first such influence occurred when you were about twenty-nine, and the second is now, between your fifty-eighth and sixtieth birthday.


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