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Harnessing Rural Skills – horses still in the stables

What a flurry of activity there has been just getting up to the launch of the program for the participating centres (partners) in the NE Victoria Elearning precinct. We have five partners located at:

Beechworth, Corryong, Mt Beauty, Tallangatta and Yackandandah.

During May – July we focussed on marketing, building community relationships and learning materials

There were some really big hurdles during that time and I’ve learned once again the value of creative collaboration. When immersed in a project it is so easy to ignore the real needs of the communities themselves – when really they should always be right up front. For instance you cannot contemplate the centres delivering online if they themselves have not a) experienced being online or b) feel confident in using online techniques.

Sure that’s not rocket science, and it is foolish to assume certain skills – I’ve learned to make sure by asking and looking for clues to that confidence required.

Standard, generic materials won’t do either, they need to be specific to the ‘project based’ approach. So we needed to come up with a context for the learning materials and the environment itself.

Lot’s of extra time spent in ‘building community’ early in a project would be beneficial. Hey, that’s not rocket science either, but sure is easy to forget. Tend to apply it to other course delivery why not the same for any project like this one.

Now have a collection of great photos and materials for sharing in Study Zone.

Oh some steep learning curves experienced by all participants, partners, steering committee and project leaders.


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