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Tools for this and that

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How do I make the best use of the Web 2.0 tools?

I am creating this new blog to focus my thoughts on the way I make use of the many social networking tools now available for free. Let me start with blogs and wikis.


I have a number of blogs in my Blogger dashboard, some of which are private and some public. I use for its ease of use and management. I also like the templates it provides so that each of my individual blogs can have a different look. I use blogs to reflect on events and activities; report on project progress; provide insight and personal journals for life based learning. You may wish to visit my HarnessingRuralSkills blog which was used for a project in 2006 or this blog about Personal Learning Landscapes.

This new WordPress blog is an experiment – I wish to explore its extra functionality and sophistication as a tool for displaying my educational opinions, strategies, tips and conversations.

You can compare the functionality and attributes of some free blogs using the WeblogMatrix.


Today I read a newsletter from Marlene Manto, LearnScope manager from TAFE SA and discovered this link to a great article about using Wikis. The author explores how wiki and edit are making the Internet a better learning tool.

I use wikis to provide a collaborative space for: designing workshops; creating a network; involving learners; and sharing ideas. My wikis appear mostly in the realm and I found out about wetpaint by doing a comparison at the wiki matrix.

You may like to visit one of the public wetpaint wikis at this site:


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