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Launching into LearnScope

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Down here in Victoria the LearnScope teams are just beginning their e-learning projects and I am just starting to provide them with support, coaching and mentoring.

A new wiki has been established for them to share and collaborate on their good news stories and this seems to have been met with enthusiasm so far – at least the feedback I’m getting is that it appears easy to access and to find their way around the site.

We’re also implementing an Appreciative Inquiry approach to discover, dream, design and deliver their feedback on the impact that LearnScope funded outcomes are having on the teachers and the learners. This will involve a f2f workshop and a followup online meeting to capture and record their visions, achievements and challenges. The process will enable LearnScope team leaders to better prepare for their change management tasks and provide frequent updates on their progress to share with others in a consistent manner.

My thoughts now are about how best to plan and conduct the workshops and meetings to cover the main activities in the 4D Appreciative Inquiry approach. I expect that in a two hour f2f session we’ll be able to explore the discovery and dreaming components and draw out some good news stories to share online. The final one hour online meeting will assist in the exploration of good models for the design and destiny (delivery) components and enable a collation of focus group findings.

At the end of the process we’ll have the following outputs:

  • a wiki containing
    • a series of good news stories
    • updates on the Appreciative Inquiry process
  • improved collaboration and communication between eleaders across the state
  • an overall LearnScope impact report 

The initial schedules have been distributed and I am awaiting bookings from each of the TAFE LearnScope managers for the AI workshops.

Monthly online meetings for the TAFE LearnScope managers have been scheduled and managers are now registering for those. The meetings will be held in virtual meeting rooms being hosted by individual TAFEs.

Two themed f2f ‘cluster’ meetings are also scheduled and hosts for these are being sought. These cluster meetings will enable the sharing of progress among those team leaders whose projects are similar in focus: e.g. leadership, communication, assessment and resources.

CC 27 April 2007

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