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Personalising my learning spaces

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Here’s a very good set of visuals to show you just what PLE’s can mean for educators and learners alike. This presentation was authored by Graham Atwell – a welsh authority on PLEs. (Scroll down to the end of this posting to see another set from another Graham!)

My next presentation for the Framework Community in their September E-tools n tips will be on the topic of Personal Learning Spaces (PLSs). Now this has been called various things in only very recent times: personal learning environments (PLEs) and personal learning pages (PLPs) and for many it’s still a bit of a mystery as to what they are and why you’d want one.

Tonight I’m going to share my thoughts about the benefits of my personal learning spaces and I’m going to tag them with this description “I spaces”. I spaces have become an important part of my learning journey in 2007 and I’m really please to pass on some of this learning for those who are interested.

My favourite ispace is iGoogle. This is an organising tool for me to aggregate my many frequently visited URLs and gather my favourite widgets together in a page that I can access anywhere from any PC. It is very simple to create your own iGoogle page and if you want some instructions on that jump over to my wiki:

My iGoogle page is generally for my own personal use and only gets viewed when I am running a ‘social networking’ workshop. I’ve progressed my iGoogle page to include several specialised tabs where I can aggregate and gather specific URLs and widgets. So I have one for my Home page (including those items used everyday – yes including my horoscope widget) and a few others like ‘social networking tools’, ‘family history’, ‘calendars and clocks’ and a ‘converters’ tab for those neat little conversion tools I need from time to time. [For those Mac users out there, its similar to your dashboard.]

Last year I was into Protopage and I was able to use this one for similar reasons as my iGoogle page, but I was also able to share it with others. This is a useful feature when you want to provide a package of URLs and widgets for others to view and use. You’ll find information about Protopage at this wiki page:

I know some folks may prefer to copy their bookmark file from Windows onto a USB device and carry that with them, my preference is to organised my bookmarks in a visually pleasing manner using my personalised learning space. I think I’ve done a better job with my iGoogle page.

What do you use to personalise your learning spaces? 

Take a look at what Graham Wegner has to say about PLEs – enlightening – a much better way of visualising just what PLEs are, thanks Graham .


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