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5 day challenge

The 5 day challenge was posted to the Networkers Nexus on 5th September. It has been advertised as beginning on September 19 when the Networks facilitators have their next online meeting. The posting contained an attachment which spells out the tasks for each of the 5 days to creating a better network.

So far I’ve added two replies to the posting:
1. to notify of the 5 day challenge blog in the Nexus and
2. to provide some tips on creating a dynamic community.

I will need to have some others strategies ready to add further engagement in the Nexus during September. Some of the ideas I have on that are:

a. adding new imagery
b. adding voice files

Now let’s see if I can rise to the challenge of building a better network too.


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Coach Carole is the name by which many of you will know me - in my role as coach and mentor for teachers, project teams and networks facilitators. I work independently as an elearning consultant for my business Macro Dimensions.

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