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Not all ideas will work immediately, the 5 day challenge, was one of those. If something does not immediately resonate, then drop it. This is a particularly busy time for networkers and an added activity is certainly not sought after.

I’m keen now to explore if any of the ‘unexpected outcomes’ from posing a challenge like this actually took place. You know the very notion that there could be room for improvement in a share web space is often enough for the owner to take a critical look and to make improvements.

So during October I need to call in to as many of the networks as possible to see what has changed. Offering some individual points of improvement may work better in this busy time period.

Dear Diary, its been one month since my posting and I’m overstretched with my online coaching so must plan to post less frequently. For those who may be following this blog, you’ll find that I scatter my thoughts in various places and you can find some of these by visiting my online space at Coach Carole’s Space at:
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