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Farewell to an FLL friend

Finally I was able to say farewell to a friend at the special Memorial for MarieJ at Port Campus of TAFE SA. I was so pleased to be able to attend this event and to hear how Marie was important to each one of us gathered in the theatre. I especially liked the smooth, easy, funny and poignant parts where we were reminded of Marie’s legacy to us all and reminded too of her lifetime achievements; her ability to ruffle the feathers of many a CEO; her little idiosyncracies that managed to endear her to all. I also liked the strategies chosen for us to leave some of our thoughts and memories behind – would you believe how useful post it notes can be; or textas and posters.

To then gather in the staff caf with a large number of her friends and colleagues was a treat for me – I consider so many of them my other interstate family colleagues. (Perhaps I will be able to gain frequent flyer points – just as I gather frequent friendship points.)

Thanks to Marty, Michael Coghlan, Bruce Enting (aka Robbie Weatherly); Jeff and Pauline; Adrian and other speakers for a fine farewell to a loved friend.


Sad news was relayed in January through the FLLALL list which continues to link our Wollemi Ringleaders together in good times and in bad. Janine Bowes told us all that Marie Jasinski died on Monday January 21 in Hobart, Tasmania.

I write this through a vale of tears as I remember this fine friend, this brave woman and my first mentor. My most recent memories are of Marie and Marty at their wedding in June 2007 – a joyous occasion that I’m so glad I could be part of.

Earlier memories in 2006 are of Marie and I sitting at a restaurant in Glenelg where she interviewed me for her major research paper; Innovate and Integrate. Marie was always an inspiration to me at times like these, reminding me to be myself and to speak my mind.

Who can forget her wonderful presentations on stage as one part of the M & M duo; with Marty by her side and a suitcase of wonders. They always began these events by throwing out M & Ms for the audience – what a sweet way to remember her.

I will think of Marie often as I continue to unpack her awesome research that encourages and supports VET teachers in their innovative practices. I will think of Marie as I remember the conferences, the parties, the workshops and the myriad of good times we had.

My heart goes out to Marty who has been stoically by her side as Marie became ill and who has succeeded in uplifting, engaging and informing all of us of the last months and days in the ‘marchron blog’ – the Marie Chronicles will live on as a tribute to her love of life.

I will remember Marie when I contemplate my own mortality and think about her words of wisdom and her leadership.

Vale: Marie Jasinski – a woman of rare and joyous bounty. 

A special tribute for Marie is being held at the Port Adelaide campus of TAFE SA on Thursday March 6th, 2008.


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