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March in the garden

 leaning tree

The Summer months blend into Autumn and there is a little green in the fields. Not much rain but careful ‘grey water’ distribution ensures that the garden and trees at ‘Deja Views’ are still alive. The sudden Indian Summer weather urges more care and we focus on paving rather than planting. Lazy days and time for contemplation, for reading, for weeding and planning.

Project 99 is coming together – the fence and gates that cut off the ‘junk’ area behind the workshed are up and awaiting the brush fencing to fill in the gaps.

Project 100 has begun – the circular paving in the shady corner has been planned; the materials purchased and the land prepared. Watching the garden shows on TV give some great ideas at little cost – so off to the garden suppliers and back with the ingredients for the circular paving in under $100.

Who knows what projects will come to light in the months to come – all is well in the garden.


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