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Today I revisited my sadly neglected Blog and realised what a rich source of learning I was missing out on by not keeping it up to date. From today, let me rectify that….

Live Blogging is my latest learning in the elearning world and I’m experimenting with its use to cover live events (either live online or in person). The software is free and pretty easy to manage and comes from

Basically you’re creating a live commentary on what you are seeing and hearing and allowing others to follow that process in real time. It’s a bit like allowing someone to read over your shoulder when compiling your blog posts. You can write a lot or a little at a time (chunks of text, URLs, images, etc) and post that to you live blog as you write them – they are then added to the live blog as a time stamped entry.

On the side you can have a commentary panel for your invited guests. They receive an email inviting them to participate in your live blog which you’ve placed in an html page somewhere. They don’t need to download any software they just go to the site you’ve invited them to. You don’t need to set up a special website, you can simply embed a widget into a page anywhere and this is where the live blog entries appear and are saved.

It all makes sense when you actually experience doing one for yourself so be my guest and try CoverItLive. (Please do invite me along to share your live blog and I’ll join you if convenient.)

Here’s a link to a live blog I did recently whilst participating in one of the e-gems events. This live blog was my form of ‘note taking’ whilst listening to Kim Edgar’s instructional presentation about the use of LORN. By focussing my attention on what I was hearing I was able to take my notes in the order in which Kim was presenting them and if I was really quick I could multi-task even further and try out the sites she was recommending.

I’d be really keen to hear some comments from you about what you’re seeing now as the end result of this live blogging and let me know if you see any potential use for Live Blogging in your elearning journey. 

I will also attempt to add a live blog here in this blog for your convenience. If I’m successful it should appear below.


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  1. I was not successful in adding the ‘live blog’ widget to this page in my blog. Help please!