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EP artefacts

This week I was prompted to revisit my previous certificates in online learning and leadership and to consider how I could digitise them for inclusion in an eportfolio (EP). Mostly my certificates are housed in a folder inside plastic sleeves and I have, in the past, photocopied these for submitting to prospective employer. My process was to select a collection of these certificates spanning five years and take digital photos of them. I then created a digital story with them in Movie Maker, adding introductory slides in between and using what transition and special effects were available in the software to make an interesting movie of about 1 minute in length.

I then uploaded the finished movie to Screencast – where I have a trial account – to store this artefact. This part of the process meant that I could then provide a link to its location for viewing in Screencast as well as embeding its code inside an html page. If I have done this right, you should be able to click this URL to see the movie.


My next step will be to select other forms of my digital identity and create an amalgamation of those in another format. I don’t yet know what that format will be.



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