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Stepping into an elearning journey?

I am placing the emphasis on ‘journey’ in a new program I am designing that will enable the participants to plan for improved personal capacity in elearning and create their own elearning strategy. The program structure is based on an Appreciative Inquiry approach using the Four D model: discovery, dream, design, destiny.

A journey begins with a destination in mind! The traveller selects their destination based on their personal research and recommendations they hear from others – it is no different for those embarking on an elearning journey. They will need to know what it will look like when they reach their elearning destination – so we begin with the ‘discovery’ phase.

The traveller may dream or envision their destination and their stopovers along the way and plan to make the best of these opportunities and experiences. Their dreaming often includes a process of imagining what will please them most and thus giving them a reason for creating their itinerary. This is true too of those travellers who are planning their elearning experiences and opportunities. This is the ‘dream’ phase.

The design of their itinerary and the need for certain things to take with them, will assist in packing for the journey. Climate, terrain, culture, and activity will influence the type of clothing in their suitcases. So too with the elearning traveller – their selection of tools for the journey will depend on the activities to be included in their itinerary. Such tools could be a selection of Web 2.0 tools; a collection of skills and a number of online places to visit. This is the ‘design’ phase.

During a journey the traveller will have multiple experiences for storing in their memories, their photos, their videos and their journals. An elearning traveller should plan to do the same – using their preferred Web 2.0 tool of course – a blog or a wiki for example.

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