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Blogging for reflection!


The Bamboo Project certainly inspired me to make more regular postings in my blog here in WordPress – to do that I need to gather up my thoughts from various web spaces and present them here as reminders of what I’ve done this month and what I’ve had to say!


After some discussion with community members in the EdNA group I am delighted that a couple of eportfolio enthusiasts have agreed to come over to my personal-eportfolio wikispace and add their own page of information: this gives us the UK experience and the AU experience. I will draw on my network and invite a few others there too.

A new group of ep enthusiasts are now building their knowledge of the ep environment and will soon be launching into the planning and production of their own ep artefacts at Wodonga TAFE in the NE of Victoria. They are currently researching eps and sharing information with the group in a wiki I developed for them as their ementor.

Elearning journeys!

Everyone needs to find their own path when starting on an elearning journey – what’s important for them will guide them in which tools to research and which models to follow. I am rediscovering the usefulness of the Designing and Implementing Elearning resource and encouraging a small group of travellers to explore it with me.

A small group of community centre staff are following my lead in their first steps into elearning and getting comfortable in sharing their itineraries with the group in the wiki space I developed for them as their ementor.

Innovate, Integrate or just RENOVATE!

I will be preparing some new material for sharing the strategies and models of embedding innovative practices as part of my role as facilitator in the Innovate and Integrate program for 2008. Currently I am exploring some free developer tools for representing the key findings of the Jasinki Report and doing some renovating of my own.

Using the Applications for Rapid E-learning Development (ARED) tool I can create some visual and interactive resources as part of my kit of workshop materials for ’embedding innovative practices’.

Knowledge Bank Online Events

The KBOE project has opened up new opportunities for liaison with teachers in primary and secondary schools in their journeys into the use of virtual classrooms. We have successfully scheduled six live online seminars so far this year – and the recent one delivered by Dr John Long from Museum Victoria had the children engaged and in the palm of his hand. We also scheduled a full day set of virtual webinars for the Maroondah Youth Conference. It was during this event that I learned some new skills on how to ‘moderate’ a group of rebel youngsters in the Elluminate environment.

The next big scheduled conference is: Learning in a changing world – Web 2.0 and beyond: 2008 (July 22-23). This will draw together a number of excellent examples of the use of Web 2.0 tools in the school system. Stay tuned for some reflections on that later in July.

Digital Storytelling

Had a go at Voice Thread this weekend to see what could be done with this tool for creating quick and simple digital stories. On reflection I think I’d need to purchase the full suite to explore its potential in full – I’ve seen some great examples of how this approach to ‘narrative’ learning objects can be used to advantage, so will continue to explore.

Recently I discovered how simple it is to starte creating a digital story by selecting that option whilst viewing my lastest uploaded images. My new laptop and operating system came with the latest Vista Movie Maker program installed and it prompted me to explore MM once more with this built in option. If I hadn’t seen that I would not have realised that I had the newest MM in my hands.

Experimenting with this I build a short movie (an ep for the younger child) from some voice clips and digital images of my granddaughter’s school work. So once again I am rediscovering and renovating some innovative practices in creating ep artefacts.

Back to the drawing board!……


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Coach Carole is the name by which many of you will know me - in my role as coach and mentor for teachers, project teams and networks facilitators. I work independently as an elearning consultant for my business Macro Dimensions.

2 thoughts on “Blogging for reflection!

  1. Hello Carole, great to see what you’re up to lately ;-]

    i’ve enjoyed using Voicethread .. i like the idea that many people can leave voice comments on a single image / slide, but haven’t used it in class yet.

    One of our Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) teachers brought in her macbook recently, and got the students involved in Digital Storytelling via iMovie.

    Oh, it looked so much better than the windows versions. Elegant, sleek, well-designed, and so easy to operate.

    i was very envious.

    i hope you find Vista MM works for you ;->
    kind regards, michael

  2. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your comment. I’m only a beginner at using my blog effectively and today I’ve redesigned the pages to make the most of the space. This means that comments are listed beneath each posting in a minimalist way – I like that. However it meant that I only discovered your comment today and realised that I had to approve it.

    Digital storytelling is still embedding itself into practices of all kinds, I’m pleased to note. Some programs are indeed very elegant. I still believe that the narrative is the heart of the story and should be the focus before the bells and whistles of a program to display it.

    I’m running some DST workshops soon and will be revisiting all options for making the best of the process in creating them.