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Horizon sightings and connectivities

Yesterday I received a diigo nudge from Alex Hayes about the newly formed advisory group for and their first meeting for the project. The nudge was in the form of an image that had been created by the group member at their inaugural meeting in Melbourne earlier this month. (see thumbnail of that image below – I’m curious to know who’s brainchild that was – I really like it and want to try it out at my next most appropriate workshop – hey I could even try that online.) 

Horizon Au thought board

Horizon Au thought board

I jumped into Google to find out more about and was immediately transported to their home page at:  From there I spent a couple of hours browsing their various connections and in particular was pleased to find this Shortlist 2008 where I find some valuable information and yet more links about Online Collaborative Workspaces – a focus for me this year.

Time-to-Adoption Horizon: One Year or Less – an important criteria for mainstream adopters

Groups of Community coordinators and administration staff in NE Victoria are keen to adopt innovative practices that have immediate impact on the success of their centres in providing e-learning services to their community clients. This quote from ‘Online Collaborative Workspaces’ was particularly relevant for me and the groups I am currently mentoring:

Relevance for Teaching, Learning & Creative Expression

  • Groups can set up a single location to get information related to their topic or course.
  • Online workspaces facilitate serendipitous connections between people with like interests.
  • Students can create a “portfolio” page that automatically updates as new work is blogged, podcast, or posted to photo or video sharing sites.

The Hive Mind in Action: how quickly can you spread the knowledge

Today Alex replied with a link to the Mobilizethis 2008 page and was intrigued to find my name already listed there as a presenter. Curious as I don’t remember putting my hand up – although I am very happy to present something online for this conference later in October. The experience for me today was an excellent example of the Hivemind at work

I went a little further today to see who else was exploring the use of collaborative workspaces for their eportfolio and came across this one from Robyn Jay in NSW: (Thanks Robyn for providing such a great example and model for an eportfolio in a wikispace.)

Plaxo Connections: what are my colleagues and friends doing, seeing and thinking?

In my gmail inbox this morning was a couple of notifications for some friends wishing to connect with me. I buzzed over to the Plaxo site and quickly approved two more contacts. Whilst there I noticed what Shawn and Alan were doing: lots of blogging and lots of photo sharing, plus I could see with whom they were connecting.

There has been a plethora of sightings on my horizon this weekend – the universe seems to be sending me the right messages in a just-in-time manner. My views on what I see on my horizon are now included in the total vista of by simply including this tag: hzau08

But wait there’s more….

Listen To The Wisdom Of Your Network

This morning I received this message from Sue Waters blog and was intrigued to find that Sue was also working through and demonstrating to her audiences the value of ‘listening to the wisdom of your network’. Thanks Sue, your valuable and timely posting has been an inspiration for me as I gather my research and ‘wisdom of the crowd’ for my own presentation on August 1st for the ementors for ACE in Victoria. I will also be able to include reference to your wisdom in next week’s Knowledge Bank Online Conference 2008 in particular in session 6 where we will unpack some take-aways for teachers wanting to immediately start their Web 2.0 activities.

… how did I ever survive online without my diigo,, plaxo, rss, ning, wordpress, wikispace and gmail? …


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