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Two down and two to go!

The CSTP course has exceeeded my expectations and I am having a great deal of fun in the mix. Jonathan has set us some ‘fun work’ to do between each live session. Focussing these tasks on something that we need to prepare for our projects and to ‘Elluminate’ it has been a really great idea. So far I’ve produced a set of Elluminate Live Calistenics activites (useful for giving participants a physical break in a long session online) and two web research activities for groups who are focussed on eportfolios.

I really like the way that Jonathan enables each participant to take part fully online and to blend their ideas into the content of the lesson. There is obviously a great deal of care and attention to the work we’ve submitted in the Ideas Drop Box before each session and this has encouraged others to think that their contributions might be highlighted at the next one.

The complete Ideas Drop Box is now full of fantastic ideas, with instructions for using them yourself, in our own Elluminate teaching or presenting events. What a terrific way to build a repository of ‘Elluminated learning objects’ that can be shared.

I wonder what Jonathan has in store for us in the next two live sessions in Elluminate! I know I’ll be surprised, amazed and engaged.

Let’s see if my animated exercise cartoons work in here?



I plan to come back to report on the final sessions in my next blog post.


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