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Getting organised for E, E and E

This blog is not about e for electronic, it’s about E for England, E for Egypt and E for Europe.

Only two sleeps to go now and my bags are packed and I’m ready to go! 23 kg is not a lot when packing for 3 different climates – gotta be ruthless. Someone advised to pack it, then unpack it, take out half and pack it again. Then take it to the railway station for weighing – must leave a few kg free for stuff to bring home.

The last piece of packing was all of the e bits:

  • the digital camera and its charger, connector cable and batteries;
  • the laptop and its power cords and charger, remote mouse, extra USBs, and Next G card
  • the imate phone and its charger, earphones and connector cables
  • the power surge plug adaptors

These seem to be the essential e’s to take on trips these days. Then of course I need my Global Roaming account, my Bubbleshare account, my Flickr account, my Twitter account, my Blogs and Wikis and last but not least my Gmail. But at least these are all ‘packed’ elsewhere!

Passports, tickets, itineraries, maps and vouchers, visas and luggage labels, writing materials and a book and my cabin luggage is nearly full. Don’t forget the allowable quantity of liquids (100 ml in clear plastic bottles in clear plastic bags) the must have Sleep mask and Neck pillow, the travel diary and change of clothes. Big decision, does my roll on deodorant count as part of my 100 ml, do I need it? Yeah, okay, take out the travel diary and put in the case and put in the deodarant instead. Right, that’s about 7 kg worth.

How will I survive without my usual 6 hours of internet connectiviy and contact with everyone in my networks via various social networking tools, each day?

More about this later.


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