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Travels with my Aunt: 1

The title of this post refers to our planning for our trip to England, Egypt and Europe – my friend and I kept referring to it as the travels with my aunt. Six months of waiting and planning, 5 movies and a stopover in Dubai and we are now here on the first leg of our journey, UK.

Our first stop was Cardiff – we drove from Heathrow on the M4 – easy. We then relied on our GPS to get us to our first accommodation – not so easy. A visit to Cardiff castle, shopping in the high street and a short stay in our first BnB and then it was off to Neath. We took longer to reach this one, cos I failed to tell GPS (Tim Tam) that we wanted the fastest route and we somehow missed the M4 altogether. &***&%$ We did reach Neath eventually and met our hosts at the railway station. Neath has many one way streets and without their guidance I doubt if we would have reached our second accommodation.

Driving in Wales is challenging – narrow roads, roadworks, and strange signage – getting used to it now and everything is soooooo quaint. Next stop was Tenby – tiny village on coast of Sth Wales, we were lucky to attend an evening with the Male Voice Choir in the church that night – lovely it was.

From Tenby to Haverfordwest for my genealogy trailing – visit to a registry office and saw a real ancient volume of the Baptism register and found my g grandmother’s details. Fantastic!

We then found our next accommodation in the countryside at East Hook Farm – 4 start this time and lovely it was! From there we travelled back to England and we are now touring Cornwall and Devon.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Travels with my Aunt.


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