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Travels with my Aunt: 3

Egypt is areal culture shock and this post is done under extremly difficult conditions. 3 goes at this in an Internet Cafe in Luxor.

I have gazed at the pyramids, climbed down into the tombs in the valley of the kings, videoed the columns at Karnak, photographed the enigmatic smile of the sphynx, swum in the Nile, sailed in a felucca, purchased souvenirs from vendors who hassle you at every step, eaten Egyptian style, partied Egyptian style and awoken at 2 am to go visit a temple before the crowds.

The highlight has been Abu Simbel – the sheer grandeur of these massive statues of Ramses II in the temple that was relocated because of the Aswan high dam, is awesome.

Sailing the Nile is peaceful and hot – there are only two types of weather, HOT and HOTTER.

Not sure that I would return to Cairo or Giza but I have enjoyed the adventure and felt satisfied that I have stood in the valley of the kings and seen the Egyptian antiquities first hand.

More news from me in the next leg of my journey when we will be reporting in from Europe while sailing on the Danube.


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