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Travels with my Aunt: 4

Well here I am in more civilised surroundings – the Business Centre at the Ramses Hilton in Cairo. Today is the last day of our tour of Egypt and we are now winding down with an afternoon to ourselves. Dinner tonight with our select little group we’ve bonded with – Ms New York, Ms San Diego, Ms’s New Brunswick and Ms’s Michigan. We have enjoyed their company again today, as we toured the antiquities of Egype today in the Museum – close up an personal with the famous head of Thutankhamun – and to see those wonderful gold and gilded pieces from his tomb was a real sight to enjoy. It was HOTTER inside the Museum than we had expected so only an hour or two to browse.

Our morning was filled with visits to the mosques, churches and synagogues of Cairo – we were in time to view a service at the Hanging Church of St Mary – so called as it it built across two giant blocks of granite (I think that is what Akrum said) and appears to hang. Their chief religion is Moslem of course, but there are also many Coptic christian churches. With a last little shopping expedition to a cotton emporium to buy our Egyptian cotton goods, completed our final day of the tour.

This has been an exciting but challenging trip – with many, many fabulous memories to take home.

Tomorrow I return to London briefly and then fly back to Munich, where I will meet Alex. Now this will be hilarious if we do actually manage to meet at some time in the airport prior to our embarkation on the boat to sail on the Danube. I’ll be wearing something Egyptian and he’ll be wearing something from Thailand where he has been for the last few days. We’ll be able to compare notes and photos from the many different Temple tours we have done.

I will try to upload some photos when I return again to London for the MLEARN 2008 conference – I’m sure there’ll be adequate facilities there in Shropshire.

Here’s a few of the Egyptian sayings we’ve learned – they may help you when travelling in Egypt:

my fish is loose – when this is said quickly it sounds like Egyptian for “all my money is gone”

shukran – this is Egyptian for thank you

My other tip for those adventurous souls who wish to travel to Egypt – be fit, be patient and be prepared for heat. Don’t drink the water; be careful of their food and cover your shoulders when in a mosque or temple. Watch out for Ramses Revenge – and take plenty of immodium!

Other than that you can have a lot of fun on board a Motor Ship sailing down the Nile!

Look out for the next episode of Travels with my Aunt when I’ll be telling you about the European cities we’ll be visiting whilst sailing the Danube!


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