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Travels with my Aunt: 6

We are now back in English speaking, rainy, small and compact UK. After successfully wasting a whole day in travel from Budapest to Shropshire we have settled into a lovely little BnB called ‘Stone House’ – circa 1867 now upgraded to 5 star. Lovely!

We are now  very knowledgeable about the roads in and out of Heathrow and surroundings having done the loop a couple of times trying to exit. (gggggrrrrrrr!!!!!!) A couple of hours on the M4, the M42 the A40 and the m something else, we made it to our digs with a little help from Tim Tam (Tom Tom GPS system.) Once again I am reminded of the skills, tenacity and calm exterior required of drivers on the motorways of UK.

The MLearn 2008 began last night with a welcome reception at the beautiful Madely House – part of an old stately home just outside of Telford. Did you know that Telford is the birth place of industry? They have many fine museums, artefacts and icons to attest to this. The Iron Bridge at Ironbridge is one of those.

Today the conference began with a Keynote from Diana Laurillard – this set the scene for us in considering how we should move into the future pedagogy of mobile learning and set some challenges for us. The breakouts I’ve attended so far have certainly shown some achievements in solving some issues for learning in the UK and also in Australia. I was pleased and proud to see the following fellow Aussies on the program:

Sally Drummond (William Angliss, Victoria); Roger Carroll (Chisholm, Victoria) and Jim Plummer (TAFE SA, South Australia).

The weather is now clearing and I see blue skies from the window of the foyer of the Park Inn where I am currently using the free Cyber Cafe – part of the services offered by the MLearn 2008 team.

I will report in again tomorrow and give you some updates of the keynotes and concurrent sessions from today’s program. In the mean time I’m going to carefully plan my day tomorrow so that I can still get to see some of the sites this district has to offer – I can’t let Alex have all the fun. (he’s off exploring all golf clubs, breweries and pubs 🙂 )

Stay tuned for my updates on these travels and please feel free to pass on the address of this blog to your colleagues and friends.


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