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Travels with my Aunt: 7

The conference for Mobile Learning is in full swing now with several keynotes and breakouts done and dusted. Lots of ideas from the more practical presentations (the ones that show innovation, ingenuity and pedagogical themes) and lots more questions for those which were research based (the ones with all the powerpoints and the graphs).

Would you believe I’ve met even more presenters from Australia (Ian Watkins from Highvale SC) and I now firmly believe that we are actually the leaders in mobile learning from the practical perspectives. UK claims to be the leaders in MLearning and BECTA their lead agency is still challenged by a clear defition of what mobile learning is. This definition I picked up from one of the British presenters today, who gets my vote for the best presentation, Learning2Go defines mobile learning as:

… having available the full range of resources and capability that ICT offers in the best classroom at all times in all places …

actually that’s a pretty good definition as it is non device specific and is based on pedagogy not technology.

Take a look at these sites for more information from Learning2Go: and

The dinner arrangements each night have been quite unique:

* last night we dined at the Ineguity Museum where all manner of hands on interactive educational working devices were available e.g. generating electricity, power and centrifugal force; building arches, bridges and mobile vehicles. We were entertained by a group of Morris dancers, a guitar duo and we were fed Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding – great.

* tonight we dine at Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford, Shifnal and tonight we’ve opted for an early return by coach ready for our final night in Telford, Shropshire.

Note: We found some time to visit the Coalport China Museum early this morning and we were delighted to find potters and china painters at work – a wonderful display of Spode, Coalport and other fine pieces of china. A quick visit to the Iron Bridge for a Kodak moment and then key in our destination to the Tom Tom (GPS) before returning to Telford Town Centre. It’s not easy getting around here – even the coach drivers use GPS – that tells me something!

So MMlearning has taken on a new meaning for me here in the UK it stands for Managing Motorways.

Tomorrow after the final part of the conference we brave the motorways once more back to London and stay once more at Heathrow – we know this place so well now – before we fly to Dubai.  I’ll have some news about Dubai in my next episode. Stay tuned.


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