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My adventures continued: Europe


Our Enchanting Danube travels were punctuated with memorable visits to the towns of Passau, Melk, Linz, Salzburg, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. Here I’ve selected some of the highlights from these tours for your enjoyment. Did I mention that we attended a concert in a palace in Vienna and another in a Basilica in Budapest – two cultural highlights for us. You can see all of these at Bubbleshare at: 


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2 thoughts on “My adventures continued: Europe

  1. The photos are fantastic and you took some really interesting shots. Last year in September, we went to London to visit our sons and decided to go to Romania for 6 days and then to Budapest and Lake Balaton, in Hungary for 4 days and then one night in Bratislava. One of our sons gave us tickets to the opera in Budapest, so we were all dressed for the opera, but my husband ended up on an operating table instead. He had been bitten by a dog three days before at Lake Balaton, gotten a really bad infection and was operated on urgently. So, he spent 5 nights in hospital in Budapest. In the afternoons, I would go sightseeing by myself and I just loved the city. The Danube is just beautiful. Bruce, however, does not have such fond memories.!! Why are all the shoes lined up like that? To whom do they belong?

  2. Carole, do not approve this comment, but did you know that I have to log on to my word press blog to make a comment on your blog. Can you ease the restrictions on comments on your blog as there are a lot of people who might like to comment but may not have wordpress. You can still choose an option to moderate though.