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My E, E and E adventures in pictures!

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Thanks for visiting my blogs on ‘Travels with my Aunt, I hope you’ve enjoyed my notes.

Now that I am home and in front of my own laptop I can focus on selecting and optimising some of my travel photos for your enjoyment too. I realise now that to do this part of the journey records, one really needs to have one’s own computer. Some of the computers I used whilst in England, Egypt and Europe were not equipped to do any of this. So now is the time for me to organised some highlights from my trip to share with you in Bubbleshare.

The first set is now available at: – these are the highlights from the England (Cornwall and Devon) and South Wales (Cardiff, Tenby and Haverfordwest) part of my tour.

Let’s see if this gallery works now!


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One thought on “My E, E and E adventures in pictures!

  1. As our two sons live in London, we have an excuse to visit them whenever we can get there. The first time that we went over, we drove around Cornwall and it was just so beautiful. The coast there reminded me so much of home and a little seaside village near us called Port Fairy. The ancient standing stones of the Celts was also a wonderful sight.