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Ringmaster in a Three Ring Circus

My Elluminate mentor Jonathon Finkelstein coined this phrase recently and I’ve adopted it when describing what a moderator does in an Elluminate live session.

I will be presenting a hands on workshop for teachers in Victorian schools at the upcoming VITTA conference in Melbourne next week and I will demonstrate and share the tips and tricks of skilled moderators. There will be some juggling, some lion taming, some clowning around and maybe even a couple of magic tricks – all to be managed by the ringmaster – perhaps I should wear a top hat and tails and carry a big whip. Hmm, that appeals!



Now what would you include in the tips and tricks of a Ringmaster in a Three Ring Circus?


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Coach Carole is the name by which many of you will know me - in my role as coach and mentor for teachers, project teams and networks facilitators. I work independently as an elearning consultant for my business Macro Dimensions.

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