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VITTA conference


Twitter notes I took today consisted of these:

cmcculloch who will take us thru the next 5000 days – we need more ICT warriors/champions
cmcculloch consolidation & closing down – flavour of learning institutes
cmcculloch think about the last 5000 days – things we use now, not thought of them, then
cmcculloch microsoft evangellist

and these:

cmcculloch i think i really like joomla for community centres
cmcculloch use Skype interviews for finalists in japanese speech contest – 25 call now availavailable
cmcculloch joomla CMS provides multiple permission levels
cmcculloch JSA Australia – using joomla site to upload voice sample to CMS, online submission, judging online
cmcculloch now Joomla for a Japanese contest
cmcculloch wow uwe have a lot to learn about canteen issues from Japanese schools
cmcculloch global exchange eg lunch – a cultural difference japan & aust
cmcculloch now moving into Moodle for a VLE
cmcculloch upload an mp3 file to aaa wikispace – you get the player controls atomatically – i didn’t know that
cmcculloch use of wikispaces for japanese students – great use of discussions and history functions
cmcculloch levels of trust, profanity filterrd out
cmcculloch good background monitoring tool, eg. approval of msgs by teacher
cmcculloch a responsible way to use emails for yr 7 kids

and these ….

cmcculloch http://www.epals com – find a mirror of your class globally
cmcculloch thanks to clown prince malcolm jolly, lion tamer caryl oliver, juggler kate jeffrey
cmcculloch well my ringmaster tasks in a three ring circus was successful – elluminate behaved perfectly

A most unusual setting for a conference with lots of movement between Hotel rooms for the breakouts at Rydges Bell City in Preston. Little time between workshops – always challenging – but some fabulous presentations.

There really are some fantastic elearning things happening in Victorian primary and secondary schools.

I was however, once again reminded, that when presenting at a conference one needs to be:

  • punctual to start on time
  • efficient in use of time
  • effective in getting your message across
  • engaging in showcasing, collaborating and/or informing
  • prompt to finish on time

Another really effective strategy is to be a really good storyteller – the final keynote speaker was like that today. He told us a story with pictures about Ulrick who wanted to become a warrior and how he eventually became chief. This was a metaphor for how we could view ourselves as teachers using ICT effectively – now I have this wonderful visual in my head about e-learning warriors.

It was also wonderful to see that the kids at Mt Waverley Primary School had won the Innovation award for Primary schools and were ably assisted in doing this by Lee King -their ICT leading teacher. This is one school who have used Digital Storytelling strategies to perfection.

I met up with a fellow Wodonga teacher and was able to make connections with her re the Ultranet Coaches Program and hopefully will be able to now start talking with Wodonga Secondary College about eportfolios.

Some serendipity happens and certainly, as their conference title says, SHIFT HAPPENS!


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