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Reflections: eportfolios 2008

Reflections from an Eportfolio project – Elearning Grants Victoria 2008

This text has been added from another space from another time – a chance to reflect on the process involved in mentoring a group of teachers in the development of a strategy for introducting eportfolios into the course for their students at Wodonga TAFE .
Date: Week beginning June 16

  • Induction workshop held in the Valleys Restaurant
  • Eleven teachers involved from across the TAFE
  • Confirmation of students to be involved is in progress
  • First digital images taken of the group
  • Cameras ordered, training rooms booked, materials distributed
  • Wiki page building by team members is in progress

Date: Week beginning June 23

  • Set up poll for student delivery dates.
  • Two new staff members join the group. (CSH) and (Learner Services).
  • One more staff member joins the group (NISTC)
  • And one more staff member joined the group on June 23 – (Learner Services)
  • All participants have now created their own page under Team Members
  • Workshop 1 research work is now underway

Date: Week beginning June 30

  • Lots of additons to the pages of Team Members
  • Some conversations, queries and issues being raised in the Discussion Forums
  • Project participants beginning to conduct further research on EPs
  • An Elluminate Live event scheduled for August 25th – featuring Allison Miller, Manager, National Eportfolio Project 2008

Date: Week beginning July 14

  • Six participants for workshop 2 were able to share their ‘e-portfolio introduction’PowerPoint assignments, upload to Slideshare and embed in their page as a widget
  • Some discussion about the content, the artefacts themselves, helped determine which artefacts each individual would include in their ep, and which one to begin with for presentation (see the Rough Draft) page for details
  • Considerable research and thought on the purpose and process of ep development for students is now evident
  • All tasks from workshops 1 and 2 are located as a downloadable file at the bottom of Workshop 2 for your convenience
  • Outlook calender invitation sent out for the August 25th Elluminate Live event.
  • Student workshop days discussed with staff participants. Student course areas attending on each day were identified as the following:
    Wednesday A116
    1pm – 4pm
    17 Sept – 12 Nov
    Events Hospitality
    Buidling and Design
    A116 Friday
    9am – 12pm
    19 Sept – 7 Nov
    Outdoor Recreation
    Landscape Design
    Interior Design?

Date: Week beginning July 28

  • Project cameras have arrived and are ready to be hired out for the duration of the project. An email will be sent out today to advise participants on how to collect the camera for their department from help desk. Stay tuned.
  • Jon Bowdery’s second image workshop is on Tuesday A116.
  • Our photography skills were notched up a grade today – levels, colour, crop, resize, and save for the web.
  • Planning for weekly webinars took a step back today – we’re unsure of access to Elluminate Live so will need to rethink our online session tools

Date: Week beginning August 4

  • Classes in developing artefacts began on Tuesday 5th
  • One member of the group joined in a Skype chat with Coach Carole on Tuesday 5th
  • One member has successfully uploaded two fantastic photos to his page

Date: Week beginning August 11

  • Registrations for the Eportfolio online event in Elluminate Live on August 25 are approaching 100
  • Confirmed speakers and suggested 1 hour Program:
    Allison Miller – Brief overview – 10 mins
    University – Kim Hauville and/or Wendy Harper, from the Australian e-Portfolios Project (AeP)/QUT – 10 mins
    VET – Catherine Jones, Wodonga TAFE – 10 mins
    ACE – Lynne Gibbe from Coonara House – 10 mins
    Schools- ???? – possible Wodonga Secondary School and/or ATC Sunshine – 10 mins
    Questions/General Discussion: 10 mins

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