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31 day challenge: summary #1


its the journey that matters

its the journey that matters

Well what a week of changes in my blog – new thoughts, new directions, new pages and most of all new readers. I am amazed when I look at the number of times this blog has been read by someone so I’d better make a better go of it.

I’ve learned heaps in the first week and now look forward to an early morning or late night  ‘blogging’ session – it just depends on when my work committments allow the time for this challenge. I have set up a separate page with all of my learning posts copied in from the 31 Day Challenge wiki. If you would like to make any individual comments for my blog upgrades on a regular basis why not do that at the bottom of each of my planned 31 Day Challenge summaries.

I have tidied up most of my archived posts so that you can locate them under the appropriate categories I have listed in the left hand nav bar and I’ve added some useful links to other places and spaces in the right hand nav bar. I have added a recent comments widget on the right hand nav bar so you and I can see at a glance what’s new there. I have reorganised some of the other widgets too, so I hope you like what you see.

The biggest part of my learning has been about the process itself and how valuable it is to do with a group of like minded people as a time based activity. So my mind is swirling around some ideas for some shorter time based challenges for those I mentor and coach in elearning projects. I believe that this would make an ideal ice breaker for those who are just getting to know one another and at the beginning of their journey into the use of a web 2.0 tool of one kind or another. I think it would lend itself to a range of scenarios and I would like to research more on the topic of challenges like this. Which ones have you participated in?

Another of my Summer Challenges included a visit to another network (sparked by task number 3 on day 3) and I joined the digifolio network at: (I must say I’m inclined to visit a range of Ning sites these days to get ideas on the newest way of forming and norming a community of practice.)

To sum up the first five days of this challenge: I have found the tasks so far to be meaningful, stretching, satisfying and strategic. 


  • the ordering of the tasks has been good so far, but I am inclined now to look ahead and see what later ones I might achieve in collaboration with other earlier ones
  • keeping a diary to jog my memory about the tasks is also a useful strategy
  • alerting friends and colleagues to what you’re doing in the Challenge, using Twitter is also a useful side commentary

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Coach Carole is the name by which many of you will know me - in my role as coach and mentor for teachers, project teams and networks facilitators. I work independently as an elearning consultant for my business Macro Dimensions.

2 thoughts on “31 day challenge: summary #1

  1. Hi Carole,
    Your blog is looking terrific! It is nice and clear with not too much ‘busyness’ going on. Don’t you love it when you get to a ’31 days to a better blog’ day and its something you already do…. gives you a little breather for a day!

  2. LOL Jenny when we did the original Project we were exactly like that. We used to use the magic tick and smilie face next to the task to say yeah we done it.

    Great to see that you have appreciated the most important aspect of this project which is the working together and learning as a team.

    There is a lot of coordination that has to happen to assist in connecting the people and making it easier for them to provide feedback to each other. That is an essential component – each project takes time to work out what method will work best and you really need a few main people who coordinate this plus model the ongoing interaction.

    Unfortunately translating this type of project into organisations haven’t always been as successful as people would have liked. I think one of the key differences is that in this situation everyone has chosen to participate.