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Preparing for fund applications


January is funding month

January is funding month

January is the time to keep your eye out for the funding opportunities coming from a variety of sources. Two big ones so far, that I know of include:

1. $7 million ways to embed e-learning – 

2. Multi Media Victoria – 

To prepare adequately for writing a proposal, an expression of interest or a business case you could:

  1. take a journey over to the land of innovate and integrate – especially the new interactivities – that help you step through the process of identifying where you’re at with exploring, implementing or embedding innovative practices in elearning.
  2. take a trip to the fascinating world of web 2.0 and find out what others are doing with web 2.0 tools – you’ll be able to structure your trip by selecting the ‘Your Guide’ function at:
  3. join a network or two and rub shoulders (virtually) with other e-learning focussed groups – you’ll be able to connect with individuals or special interest groups at either of these two networks:

Start by considering your e-opportunities and select the ones that will solve a pedagogical issue, or provide a time-saving strategy or enable a wider cohort of participants in your programs.

Establish a team of e-learning project explorers and enable them to create a vision, a model and ROI benefits by using a set of questions and tasks from the Four Phase Strategy:

Move on to establishing a workable partnership with strategic stakeholders and start a steady pattern of communication, perhaps a wiki space for collaboration and the use of Googledocs to share conversations and documents.

Establish a set of guidelines and milestones for your project team and ensure that the ‘driver’, ‘elearning champion’, or other ‘change agent’ has the time, the support and the credibility to maintain the process of preparation for applying for the funds.

Above all allow an appropriate length of time for the development of your team approach and to ensure that you can meet the deadlines stipulated by the funding bodies.

You may need to attend a ‘briefing’ to get more information and to ask those critical questions about the funding – so allow for that too. Check out any of the supporting documentation and samples provided by the funding body and analyse some of the models used by previous successful applicants.

Good Luck!

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Coach Carole is the name by which many of you will know me - in my role as coach and mentor for teachers, project teams and networks facilitators. I work independently as an elearning consultant for my business Macro Dimensions.

3 thoughts on “Preparing for fund applications

  1. Hi Carole
    I have been having a look at the funding application and am finding it quite daunting.
    Not sure that our organisation is really even up to this stage because “entry level e-learning awareness training” is not eligible for funding.
    I really think our next step is to raise the awareness of our tutors with an online tutor network which uses some of the tools that they could use with thier students.
    The only other thing we are looking at doing is flexible delivery of a couple of short courses. That is apart from what I am already doing in my Business class which I plan to extend this year.
    Any thoughts???

  2. Hi Pauline,
    You are indeed wise to take things one step at a time – creating a capable tutor team is the first step in creating capacity for your centre. Your idea of a tutor network (community of practice) is a good one with plenty of scope for exploring tools to use with their students.

    You may find that others will follow your lead as you expand your e-learning skills – my advice would be to structure some ‘champion/mentor’ work with the tutors and have your centre support you in this with the necessary time. Create a little e-opportunity analysis and present it as a busines case with ROI for your committee. Aim to have the centre ready for funding applications in 2010.

    We probably will have the ementor scheme up and running again for you and others in Hume this year, so I’ll be able to help you as you mentor others.


  3. Thanks for that Carole. I think that is exactly how I am feeling about the funding. Maybe we can apply in 2010. I am enjoying following your blog and thanks for the valuable information. I will start working on my business plan for funding next year now. I really think we are still that far away. Look forward to catching up soon.