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AeP Symposium 2 : reflections from Australia

Reflections from 2008
Gillian Hallam from QUT is now providing a review of Austalian higher education of eportfolios since 2008. Good to see that a focus has been to capture the stories of eps across educational disciplines. The report from August 2008 is a key document to access: the Final Project Report is available to download, either as the whole report or as individual chapters from:

AeP has been charged to put Australia on the world stage for Eportfolios – they have done this – and now aim to build on the successes of 2008: this symposium and the building of an Australian EP Community of Practice. Key research findings are pointing towards a much larger priority for eps for higher education about learning outcomes achieved. This is not always the purpose shared by other institutions and communities. Currently EP practice in Australian universities is fragmented – great many different tools in use – not yet leading edge practice – lack of a common language leads to confusion.

Now seeking scalability of EP practices. Four interrelated contexts: govt. policy, tech standards, academic standards and teaching and learning issues. Notion that the whole environment surrounding EPs is still complex and messy, many critical elements need to be consistently in place. (Note: the ppts will be available on the AeP website later:

Ten recommendations came from the 2008 Report and are accessible from the above site. These provide the drivers and guidelines for forward momentum on collaboration and standardisation of EP practices. This reminds me of the ’embedding of e-learning’ recommendations that come from the Innovate and Integrate Report 2006, available from:
There is a time frame for embedding e-learning just as there will be for implementing and embedding EP practices. It is gratifying to note that the putting together of the jigsaw puzzle for student use of EPs and the jigsaw puzzle for collaborating with VET, Schools and Higher Education perspectives.

Delegates at the AeP 2 Symposium will be in a great position to build the e-opportunities for EPs in Australian education initiatives. Our take-aways include: who will you stay in touch with, who will you talk to back on campus, what will you do? What ACTION plans will be developed by delegates – a good message to end on.

We are reminded on our international contacts – particularly experiences in UK. e.g. Rob Ward, Director for Centres for Recording Achievement, Janet Strivens, Director Centre from Lifelong Learning, University of Liverpool. Gillian tells us that these international experts have provided a video of their experiences and hopefully we can now view this.

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