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AeP Symposium 2 : reflections from UK

During a video provided by leading lights in UK on EPs we are introduced to the concept of ‘national EP identity and practices’ …. my phrase …. clearly moving forward in a holistic manner in the use of EPs in education. The Centre for Recording Achievements (CRA) is currently providing structure and momentum for educational institutions, local authorities, professional bodies, projects and individuals on collaborative network enabling people to work togethe on the develoment of EP policies. Seeking a common vision – some common processes – and supporting the diversity of perspectives on EPs in the UK.

‘Enhancing the experiences of learners in educational settings’ – one reason for one board member joining the CRA. Focus largely on employability and process to capture their learning for presentation to prospective employers. Clearly the CRA have a board of directors who are dedicated to the improvements for the learners’ life in and out of employment.

Australian ep communities will be able to communicate with such international bodies. Gillian encourages us to go to the CRA website for the wealth of resources stored there.

More later ….


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