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AeP Symposium 2 : views from the AFLF

Allison Miller, the Eportfolios Business Manager for Eportfolios for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (AFLF) from TAFE SA, is now giving an overview of E-portfolio: Managing Learner Information Business Activity.

Business activity objectives include: national portability of EPs. E-portfolios Reference Group was established in 2008; cross-sectoral and includes a wide range of expertise.

VET ePF CoP – National Activity: an AeP VET symposium was scheduled in South Australia in 2008.

Allison told us about the aims of the CoP and a VET e-portfolio roadmap – some of this is leading edge and we were asked to watch this space. (so good to add the above blog to your RSS feeds).

The roadmap takes into account: infrastructure, storage, portability, verification, privacy, access under the heading of technical policies. And embedding e-portfolio practice, support for transitions, IP and Copyright under the heading of Non-techical. This sounds like it will provide the sort of guideline most useful for individuals and registered training organisations.

Eportfolios (AFLF) – Performance Indicators:

Identification of standards requirements to enable e-portfolio technologies to support recognition of learning.
Greater understanding, awareness and agreement on the uses of e-portfolios from key stakeholders including owners, institutions, teachers and trainers, industry and other sectors.
The development of a framework for understanding the infrastructure requirements to support interoperable e-portfolio systems.

Key Findings for EP as an RPL Support System:

benefits for RPL candidates and assessors
capture of evidence
for RPL and other purposes
ICT literacies
structure of the EP
Potential of the EP.

Draft recommendations include:

collaboration with the COAG RPL initiative
drivers of RPL and continued use of EP
gathering of ‘live’ evidence
prof dev, awareness raising and resource development (sharing: how to do this efficiently)

Two Trials: Brisbane North Institute of TAFE and Adult Learning Australia Inc.
Worth keeping your eye on reports and presentations from these two.


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