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AeP Symposium 2 : Graduate Attributes

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ePortfolios as a tool to articulate graduate attributes – we’re now listening to Simon Barrie, Associate Professor University of Sydney, who is giving us the ‘systems’ perspective:

At ALTC the critical focus their EP project is on being student centred – The National GAP – need to check the website about their project work:

Claire Hughes, University of Queensland, talks to us about 3 illustratve issues: conceptulisation, assessment and student-centredness.

conceptualisation – affordances: EPs reflect a perspective of Graduates; consistency of Graduate Attributes (GA) terminology.

Q for audience: What examples of ePortfolios as affordances of GA implementation can you share from your own experience? Any examples of EPs as barriers?
A. issues reported back from audience: needing conversations with students to foster EP practices; Graduate Attributes seem to be another form of compliance imposed by University; missed opportunities for Uni’s to situate EPs at the centre of their GAs. GAs often seen as motherhood statements – not operationalised, an EP could be used to do this. e.g. Global citizenship – should this be an assessable skill – perhaps self awareness of attributes of a wider nature can grow through the use of an EP.

(Note: I think I am beginning to understand this precept!)

More later ….

To help in understanding this project here is the abstract from the website:

The AeP project has demonstrated the potential of ePortfolios to support
teaching and learning activities in higher education in various ways. This
paper explores the potential of ePortfolios to support student development of
Graduate Attributes (GA) by considering the AeP findings in relation to factors
identified as key influences on the effectiveness of GA policy implementation.
Eight influential factors were identified through the National GAP project (an
scoping of Graduate Attribute practice in Australian universities)
– conceptualisation, implementation approach, staff development, quality
assurance, curriculum, assessment, stakeholders and studentcenteredness.
The way in which these interrelated
factors are operationalised determines
the extent to which each constitutes either an affordance or barrier to GA
implementation. Three factors are selected for consideration in this paper in
order to illustrate the potential of ePortfolios as tools to support the
development of graduate attributes. Conceptualisation, assessment and
are analysed to explicate their significance as influences
on the development of GAs and to identify related ePortfolio applications or
practices that are likely to constitute affordances or barriers. Participants will
be invited to contribute to the discussion through sharing experiences and
examples from their own educational contexts.


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