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Connectivity : the glue to hold communities together


This posting is my personal perspective of how connectivity has helped me keep in touch with my communities who are under threat of fire

At a time like this in the face of devastating fires in Victoria and NSW, floods in Queensland – I am reminded of the power of connectivity within local communities and within the wider communities I frequent online. Just this morning:
I received several SMS messages, emails and phone calls enquiring after our safety;
I sent a number of email replies to others who are providing updates, suggestions and concerns about fires in Victoria;
I noted some great suggestions from fellow Twitter users about where online to keep up-to-date with fire news; (thanks to this one: )
Television and Radio reporting actually creates more depression although it does give the most recent news and remind us of the need for continued vigilance.

This message giving me most concern: Fires are still burning across Victoria, with a 30-thousand hectare blaze at Beechworth, causing the most concern. (threat of ember attack approaching Yackandandah only 15 minutes drive from my home).

I have noted my own feelings of apprehension and helplessness in the face of these disasters and can only imagine what its like for the residents and volunteer firies who are at the fire fronts.

It is hard to execute a fire plan from afar – we have given advice and requests to neighbours and friends and just hope they don’t have to activate them – best thing is to get the hell out of the re in a timely fashion – don’t leave it till its too dangerous to be on the road. Material possessions are insured and we are safe – life is more important than possessions. (Note: thank god I have my laptop with me though – not sure I could live without that).

Tomorrow may reveal new dangers or blessed relief – we will need to just accept the will of the universe.


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3 thoughts on “Connectivity : the glue to hold communities together

  1. Thanks Carole, great to hear you’re surviving out there, and an interesting post .. reminds me of the use of communicative technologies during New Orleans / Katrina disaster. i was heartened to see The Age re-publishing the latest news feed (rss) from the CFA, and the google maps too.

    My friend Tim who’s up in Tallarook mentioned how valuable the radio has been .. 774 Melbourne as you say with its constant factual updates and twittering (as well as their web overview at abc blogs.

    TV coverage seems to over-dramatise the whole thing, and deliberately create a “sensationalist sentimentality”.

    thinking of you out there, be safe,

    • Thank you Michael and the PRACE community for your thoughts. You’re right, some TV coverage created a dramatic over-sensationalising effect on the viewers – well for me anyway and created sudden and deep depression being so far away at the time. My spirits were lifted when listening to ABC radio on the drive home along the Hume – listening to the ‘stories’ of pain and joy, of strength and hope. They once again renewed my faith in the human spirit.

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