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Announcing a new granddaughter!


My valentine day ‘wish’ is for Billie Alexandra:

Dear Billie a special day when you were born
Angels heralding loud and clear
Our world a better place with you in it

You came home on the hottest day on record
A tiny package, complete and serene
Make way, announcing princess number three

Darling Billie what a week you came into
Neighbours reeling, bushfires stealing lives and homes
You slumbered, safely wrapped in loving arms

Ruling planets aligned at the time of your birth
Thank you Aquarius, thank you God
Precious gift of innocence and purity

Dearest Billie you bring us joyful purpose
Your song of life yet to be heard
We welcome you into our hearts and hopes

We inscribe your name for identity
This is who you are and why you’re here
Sweet Billie Alexandra, child of destiny


Author: coachcarole

Coach Carole is the name by which many of you will know me - in my role as coach and mentor for teachers, project teams and networks facilitators. I work independently as an elearning consultant for my business Macro Dimensions.

2 thoughts on “Announcing a new granddaughter!

  1. It is so lovely to see hope amongst the tragedy. I am sure she is gorgeous, just like her Gran!

  2. Hey Jen, our little Billie is absolutely precious. She’s just beginning to take notice of the world she’s been in for a little over two weeks.
    BTW I now have threaded comments activated here in WordPress – a new function in Settings, Discussions.