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Exploring ‘performance art’ tools

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This morning I attended an inspiring impromptu discussion about the power of performance art and how it could be put to good use in live conferences.

Imagine a ‘Rolf Harris’ approach to sketching your ideas and wisdom as you perform at the podium – how would you feel about that and more importantly how would an audience respond to it.

It’s an exciting idea I’m going to pursue for a while – I’ve tried the Live Blogging, the Twitter tweeting and the recording of notes directly to my file management. None of these really inspire me to return to view again – I’d like th visuals available – the doodles and drawings that I do when listening to a speaker. This process helps me make sense of the new knowledge I’m hearing and enables me to transform it into a shareable idea.

I put out a request for ideas on Twitter in the afternoon and pretty soon was provided with several tools to explore: Sketchcast, Sketchfu, Gimp and Dabbleboard. The latter is the one I’ve been inspired to explore in depth. I like the way it enables me to add some drawings from a public library to my personal library; I love the way I can just click and drag them into the drawing board; I am inspired by the function that enables me to share this live with someone else in real time. Gotta explore that when I can. Any takers?

What I’m doing is exploring ways of making meaningful takeaways from conferences – something visual and appealing to another side of my brain and something that I feel sure would be relevant to others. This is on the individual level.

Another pathway is to explore how to make use of  ‘performance art’ at realtime conferences and to enable yet another way to engage the audience and get them thinking at a deeper level. Performance art – per se – has been around for many years but I don’t yet see it being applied to educational professional development events – that’s what I’d like to see.

Below is my first drawing from Dabbleboard – exported as html code from my dabbleboard library – just exploring right now how to extend this process and improve my drawing skills.

Note: thanks Michael Chalk for sending me to Dabbleboard.


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One thought on “Exploring ‘performance art’ tools

  1. Looking at this page again after doing another drawing on Dabbleboard, I realise that it is a dynamic link to the most current image. Interesting.