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March Matters

Memorable Moments in Education this Month:

Once again connecting with participants in the Online Facilitation course at GippsTAFE and enjoying my role as co-facilitator with Frankie Forsythe. A three week intensive course which demonstrates the useage of Blackboard LMS, discussion forums, teleconferencing, journals online, wikispaces for shared resources, text and voice chat, voice boards and voice emails, and virtual classrooms in Elluminate Live. A great blended course with a great group of enthuisiastic learners.

ACE Elearning Showcase:

This event was held on Friday 20th March and was a real highlight for capturing the enthusiasm of the leaders in ACE doing their elearning stuff. My attempts to live blog the event were thwarted by the inability to connect to from within the conference centre at the William Angliss TAFE – disappointing not to be able to use my personal mobile internet connector there too. We move on! Always have a back up plan. My workshop was okay cos I decided to take it back to the basics and use PowerPoint and to show folks how to do an Action Map. see link below. 

Ning networking has become quite useful for my many associations this month – new Ning for the Flying E Squad (a group of e and m learning consultants); new Ning for a research project with Latrobe (cross cultural homework in English, Danish and Australian schools); and have set up one or two in anticipation of being our project teams being successful with funding applications. If you want to join one of my Ning networks try this one:

Elluminate Facilitation Masterclasses:

We are up to Series 3 in these online workshops in learning how to moderate in Elluminate Live. Each series has four workshops building the skills of small groups in their use of the Elluminate functions and tools and learning how to facilitate in meetings, tutorials and conferences.

Elluminate Live  Step into Series:

The second of these online seminars is scheduled for Thursday March 26 and you’d be welcome to join in the fun. Please register for these at: These workshops are aimed at introducing you to the potentials for using Elluminate Live virtual classrooms in your teaching and learning activities.

Both the Masterclasses and the Step into Series are sponsored by

Knowledge Bank Online Events : a Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) initiative run out of the Innovation and Next Practice Division.

Finally a few life based reflections:

Granddaughter no. 4 is now six weeks old and sleeping through the night like a little champ. My life has once again ramped up with new projects, new tools and new online friends. Summer days have wrecked by garden but at least we did not suffer any fires. Neither did we get much rain here on the border – but then we did not get any earth tremors. For everything there is a season ….


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