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Toastmasters in the Web!

Determined not to miss an entry for the month of May, my birthday month, I wanted to tell you about recent experiences in using Web 2.0 tools for Toastmasters.

During 2008/2009 I have been the president for the Albury Wodonga Toastmasters club who meet regularly at the Wodonga TAFE boardroom. I joined Toastmasters in 2002 during my Flexible Learning Leadership year – a decision that been of huge benefit to me. Being a toastmaster and committee member has helped me grow my confidence at public speaking and has given me numerous opportunities to turn this into financial gain. The greatest thrill I get is seeing the growth of our own AWT members as they tentatively set out to ‘master thier fears of public speaking’. One of my personal goals is to run some ‘virtual toastmaster meetings’ online using my favourite tool, Elluminate Live. Toastmasters is, as you know, an international phenomenon that has been around for decades and will stay for many more to come. Headquarters are in America, but clubs exist all over the world. 

Toastmasters increases self confidence by developing communication and leadership skills with an emphasis on public speaking.

Our club is in District 70, part of  the Monaro Division which covers Canberra  and northern Victoria.

Albury Wodonga Toastmasters

Albury Wodonga Toastmasters

This year we have been exploring strategies for increasing our membership, especially in the younger quarters of our local population. We have put in place the following Web 2.0 tools to help this along:

  1. AWT group in Facebook: for anyone
  2. Albury Wodonga Toastmasters Wiki : for members only 

The next steps will be to invite our members to contribute to their wiki space to :

  • add entries to the monthly agendas e.g. speeches and other tasks
  • keep a record of their speech achievements

The Facebook group allows us to link to former AWT members and members in other Toastmaster clubs. Invitations can be sent out to other clubs in Monaro Division and further afield in Australia. By doing this we can have impromptu conversations with other Toastmasters and learn from each other.

More recently I discovered some innovative ideas from Toastmasters in the UK and answered an email invitation to join the Leaders and Speakers Forum. This gives us more collaborative interaction with members of clubs all over the world.

Have you ever thought about joining Toastmasters?


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