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Ementors Induction Day

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Wow what a buzz!

A group of ementors in the ACFE ementors program met in Melbourne on Friday June 19th and shared their progress and challenges with the group. Here’s some feedback from others who attended.

Jottings from Josie:

Our report back session was interesting and informative – it is great to see such creativity and diversity in regional approaches to supporting the integration and embedding of elearning in delivery  and management practices across a range of organisations –metropolitan, regional, remote, big and small. It looks like we will have around 60 participating organizations.

During our PD session in the afternoon, Sarah and I walked through the wonders of iGoogle and its associated apps. We even had Sue Waters join us for a few minutes-all the way from WA! Sarah showed us how she signed up all her participants to gmail and igoogle, and explained how this will be their communication/ delivery platform of choice. We all agreed that it is a great way to start with individuals and organizations new to  introducing e to their organizations. Michael G showed us how he used RSS to keep track of student blogs, etc as part of accredited courses that he delivers.

Lynne and Jo had us all very excited by a smart pen, some very a nifty video cameras and even a mini  datashow. Jo also showed us some freely downloadable software that changes PPTs in to swf files that can be used for a range of purposes. In fact, we have decided to meet again for a full day PD session where we can each create something under Jo’s guidance that will be useful in our work.

This induction day once again emphasised the need for these real time meetings in the flesh where so much more is shared in conversations and networking opportunities throughout the day.

Messages from Michael Chalk at:

.. and a session on gadgets including the flip video camera (Lynne Gibb), the sony xacti video cam (Jo Norbury), the LiveScribe digital audio pen (that link points to Alan Levine’s story about LiveScribe). I mentioned my intelli pen at that point but it doesn’t match Lynne’s live scribe for brilliance. Jo also showed us a sweet little data projector that fits in your pocket (Visimax). Nice work.

Plus, Jo showed us how to add extra video and flash capacity to microsoft powerpoint, using a software application called iSpring.

Wow what a day.


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