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Community Centre capers

A great deal of my mentoring has been focussed on the teachers, coordinators and managers of small community centres in the Hume region during June and July.

Stepping into an elearning journey:

A small group of travellers have planned their itineraries for exploring the elearning most useful to them and they are now embarking on a journey of awareness raising and identifying the potentials for such tools as PowerPoint, Skype and Elluminate Live. Along the way I’ll be introducing them to other really powerful practices to assist in the documenting of their journey such as Google Docs, Google Calendar and Wikis.

Each traveller has a different goal and a different set of skills so the ementoring is being done on a much more individual basis. My challenge is to ensure that I am consistently communicating with them and seeking forward momentum – this will probably mean the use of phone calls, SMS messages and emails – within and beyond their comfort zones.

‘Don’t talk about the Drought’ – digital storytelling project:

Community centres have launched into the capturing of personal stories about the impact of drought on them and their families in the North East of Victoria and are busily organising their workshops, home visits and building their skills in interviewing, using DST software like PhotoStory3 and MovieMaker2; and supporting the storytellers in preparing a collection of short movies.

My ementoring for them has taken on a different shape depending on what their needs are for support. I have created and maintain a Moodle site for the collection of resources and sending of News and have prepared and delivered a sample CD with resources for their workshops. For some of the community centres I provide a ‘train-the-trainer in DST’ workshop or co-facilitate workshops with them as they teach their storytellers the finer points of the process.

ACE Development of Executive Personnel Training (ADEPT)

I heard today that this program won the award for Community Services and Health Industry Training Award for Innovation in Assessment and Training – Recognising Competency. This program is the brainchild of Yvonne Evans at the Mt Beauty Neighbourhood Centre in collaboration with Wodonga TAFE and is a credit to her and her team.

My ementoring for this project has been in providing a Moodle site for the resources; tutoring and supporting the ADEPT tutors in the use of Moodle, Skype and Elluminate Live. This has been an interesting challenge for me as an ementor taking on a very different role in working with those who are seeking RPL as coordinators and managers of community centre through the diplomas of Community Education and Community Development.

The latest aspect of this ementoring has been to investigate and explore the potential of using the Mahara eportfolio system for the participants in the ADEPT program to  capture and collect their eportfolio artefacts.

… some interesting community capers …


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