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October: Babes in Thailand

Picture this: dining in the Old Siam, traditional Thai restaurant, by the edge of the Andaman Sea, a candlelight alfresco experience. One of my memories from our recent trip to Thailand where we relaxed in Phuket and shopped in Bangkok.

Alfresco Dinining PhuketOr maybe consider swimming, snorkelling or sailing in and around the island of Phi Phi – this scene from The Beach – where scenes were shot for the Leonardo DiCaprio film ‘The  Beach’.

Phi Phi BeachWhat about the many temples and Buddhist statuary in and around the Grand Palace at Bangkok? So much gold!

Demon at the Grand Palace, BangkokBut what about this one! My most memorable experience – patting the tigers at the Tiger Temple, Kanchanpuri, Thailand.

Tiger friends at KanchanpuriEight days of fun and relaxation spent in Thavorn Beach Resort in Phuket and 4 days of touring and shopping, staying in the Pathumwan Princess hotel Bangkok.





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