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November/December: Conferences


Projects have come to an end, reports are written (well most of them) and thank you’s have been expressed. Conferences galore in these few weeks before Christmas and I’ve had my fair share of them. I like to attend a few showcase conferences to help celebrate excellence and achievement and these are the ones I have participated in:

Learning Technologies 2009


November 18-20 Learning Technologies – now this one was a real inspiration to me, especially being immersed in program of relevant and engaging workshops and keynotes on the way educationalists are making the best use of learning technologies. Loved the rich media exchange with the use of Live Blogs, Twitter and streamed events. Papers available here. Loved the concept of Flipumentaries for this conference – see these on their Ning site.


December 1 Holmesglen Teaching and Learning Showcase – celebrating excellence: I had a vested interest in the success of this one as I had helped in its design and execution. Several of my TEES (teachers embedding e-learning solutions) presented at this showcase to their peers – always a challenge. Live Blog available here.

Live Blog

December 3-4 ConVerge09 – a huge success and a terrific celebration of achievement of the many E-learning Grant and E-learning Fund projects from Victoria. Keynotes were fantastic and the Live Blog (showing on the big screen) was a big draw-card. Particularly proud on those I mentored this year as they delivered their inaugural ConVerge conference presentations. Live Blog available here.

December 7-8 Elearning2009 – tapped into a little bit of this NSW showcase from afar – using Twitter to fill in the gaps and provide the links to the new learning taking place there.

Smart Pen

Time now to synthesize and sift through all the learning and networking that took place and to ‘action’ those tasks that I noted. The first thing to do is make contact with the networks that surrounded each conference – this was made easy by the use of my Tweetdeck and notes taken with my Live Scribe Smart Pen; along with the collaborative notes from the Live Blogs and GoogleWaves.


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  1. Hi Carol and I would enjoy having your take on the web site I am creating.
    In the end I discovered that I have a lot more to learn about moodle before I actually try to use it.

    The other major thing I need to do is to learn how to get what is in the web site up on wikieducator. Lots to do this year.

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