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Mentoring Magic #2

Since I last posted there has been so much mentoring that the magic has begun all over again for me. Life and work get busy at times and Feb/Mar were no exceptions. I began co-facilitating an Eliberation pilot course in March – the short name for a Moodle course at EdNA Groups called “Taking Charge of your own e-learning”.  The fifteen participants are now up to Module 3 and enjoying the process of ‘taking charge’.  They have now introduced themselves, sent in icebreaker images, set up action partnerships (diads and triads), clarified their learning goals and tidied up their digital desks. Now they’re about to leap into the world of eportfolios.

The mentoring for the first half of the course has been an exciting and new experience for me and my co-facilitator, Jane Brotchie from the UK. We designed the course together and have been tinkering away in the background making last minute amendments to the modules as we release them sequentially and gradually for the group. We spend several hours a week in the course communicating with the learners, replying to posts in forums, providing feedback on assignments, meeting with them in Elluminate Live, encouraging their reflections and feedback in our wikispace and sending out News items to inform them all of what’s coming up.

Our learning design is based on a best practice model of:

Our mentoring magic has varied across the first few modules from active to guided to facilitated. We are encouraging participants to self-organise their learning so that they are collaborating as a networked connected learning group.

I am still learning how important it is to provide just the right amount of mentoring for each learning style, so we had each of them explore their multiple intelligences right from the start and discuss the ways in which they learn best. Their language, style, voice and activity in the site provides the clues for Jane and I to step in or step back.

As I look deeper into the skills needed for the 21st century teacher I realise that there needs to be a shape shifting to a new look technology steward. How does one become one, what skills do I need, what does it mean for my professional development?

My next posting will be about the ‘new augmented reality’ for the 21st century teacher.

Next UP! Mentoring Magic #3


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