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Facilitating Online


Today I decided that the best way to investigate the new course on Facilitating Online at the WikiEducator was to participate. So I have taken the plunge and added my name to the list of students who are going to participate and linked them to my Baranduda Blog.

My other reason for joining was to see what it was like to ‘learn’ in the WikiEducator environment – so that I could speak knowledgably about it to those I coach and mentor. And the icing on the cake was the fact that it included some real time sessions in Elluminate, my favourite virtual classroom.

So here’s me at the beginning of this journey into WikiEducator! I made up this ‘mantra’ today as I listened to a session talking about Open Source, and in which this course was mentioned specifically: facilitation is chief, content is the indians

Coach Carole 17 June 2010


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3 thoughts on “Facilitating Online

  1. Hi Carole.
    So motivated by the conference yesterday. Absolutely love your new mantra! Tempted to join that course as well.

  2. Hi Carole, I’m doing the course too. Just dropping by to say hello! warmly, Carolyn

  3. I love your facilitation by-line…I want to pinch it 🙂