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Four Steps to confidence as an Elluminate Moderator


Step 1: Participate in some basic training (live or recorded)

Masterclass Series Two (Thursdays at 12 noon AEST UTC+10) :

  1. Basics: August 12 at 12 noon
  2. Advanced: August 19 at 12 noon
  3. Blended: August 26 at 12 noon

Step 2: Attend a series of Elluminate presentations as soon as possible, as a participant

Many free sessions for educationalists are available at LearnCentral. Join to see these in your time zone.

The Australia Series of Elluminate sessions offer you access to evening and late afternoon time slots in Australia friendly time zones.

Step 3: Gather your moderator resources

Include these and others from Elluminate Training:!/?id=418

Include these and others from the Elluminated Channel at You Tube:

Getting Started with Elluminate Live

Participant Orientation to Elluminate Live

Step 4: Setup, schedule and practice moderation in your own Elluminate V room

Join LearnCentral and access your personal ‘free’ V room where you are the moderator and the room is open 24/7.


Author: coachcarole

Coach Carole is the name by which many of you will know me - in my role as coach and mentor for teachers, project teams and networks facilitators. I work independently as an elearning consultant for my business Macro Dimensions.

10 thoughts on “Four Steps to confidence as an Elluminate Moderator

  1. what an interesting set of materials on your blog Carole. I’m currently in profound frustration with my audio gear, as whatever port I use I can’t get acceptance of my microphone input, so back to the computer surgery after work today.
    Technology is great when it works (and when you have a bit more knowledge than I do to help it do that).
    Looking forward to further contact during this course.

    • greetings Willie, I must say its nice to see some comments from real teachers in here. Usually I’m just removing spam. Thank goodness WordPress protects me from most of it.

  2. Lots of interesting stuff on your blog, Carole. I thought the heading in this last post are a bit large – but the material is well worth navigating through them. Thanks for sharing so much useful material.

  3. Hi Carole,
    I think we’re going to benefit from you being on the course. Just hope you can receive as well as give.
    Looking forward to meeting you.

  4. Thanks for the resources – I’m sure #FO2010 will find them really useful Sarah

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  6. Carol
    today in Elluminate I lost the tools that sit alongside the whiteboard/screen. I went into the Tools menu, selected Whiteboard, but the “restore off-screen objects” choice wasn’t live . Have you suggestions as to what I might do to prevent it? to restore them if it happens again? Felt sure if anyone would know it would be you.

  7. mit kerestem, koszonom