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Eportfolios : a new community of practice!


Late breaking news: Coach Carole will facilitate a collaborative project to plan, establish, manage and monitor a new community of practice for eportfolio practitioners in adult education in Australia.

We, that is – you and every Eportfolio practitioner in education in Australia – will soon be able to link up, connect and network about your favourite topic Eportfolios. Right now, we need your help to collaborate on the building of a community of practice around the following criteria :

  1. domain – purpose and a method of learning together, a domain of enquiry, leadership and relationship
  2. practice – sharing our practices, knowledge, learning from and with each other, learning through common activities, and learning from sources outside the community
  3. community – supportive, socialising, collaborative, participative, cooperative membership of a diverse and engaging dominion

We can network widely on the establishment on this CoP in a variety of formats. First we’d like to hear from the eportfolio practitioners themselves in some shared conversations. Then we would like you to participate in an online workshop early in September to help scope the process, the events and the sharing. If you’d like to be included in the new GoogleGroup: Eportfolio conversations please contact me at: or post a comment below.

  • we need an enthusiastic ‘group’ of eportfolio practitioners
  • we need a purpose for our domain, some structure for our practice and a space for our community
    • We’ll need blogs, forums, events and resources to suit your eportfolio practices, experiences and stories.
    • We’ll need to be able to post, reply, schedule and share with easy to use navigation and interface design.
    • Most of all, we’ll need to be able to scan, read and navigate across all areas of a CoP without the need to login; and to become a member, contribute and share in one easy step.

I am using my participation in the Facilitating Online free professional development with Sarah Stewart and a huge group of like minded people to help scope and breathe life into this project of mine. If you are interested in following the experiences of this international group, please visit the Wikieducator space, follow Sarah’s blog and setup a hashtag in your Tweetdeck for #FO2010.

I am now pulling in some guides on the side to help with the process of building our EpCoP. One of those is Nancy White, whom many of you will know. I’m particularly pleased to add this latest link to her series of blog articles on Stewarding Technologies for Community

What are your thoughts about an Eportfolio CoP?

Please post a Comment here to express an interest in the CoP!


Author: coachcarole

Coach Carole is the name by which many of you will know me - in my role as coach and mentor for teachers, project teams and networks facilitators. I work independently as an elearning consultant for my business Macro Dimensions.

20 thoughts on “Eportfolios : a new community of practice!

  1. I think it is a great idea. There is so much to to share and learn together in a professional arena. It will only bring positive results ultimately for our learners but also for ourselves as practitioners. Congratulations on having the drive and foresight in bringing it together Carole.

  2. this sounds like an excellent initiative. are you able to include non-australians from New Zealand in the collaboration?

    • Hi Bronwyn, indeed we’d be delighted to have you join our conversations. I’ll send you a link to the newly created GoogleGroup. I’m gathering a team of ‘eportfolio thought leaders’ right now.

  3. Hi Carole,
    This interests me, I am also a Kiwi and would like to be involved but I don’t yet understand what this means “setup a hashtag in your Tweetdeck for #FO2010” can you supply instructions.
    For me its really important that the growth of CoL occurs in a way that affirms this form of facilitation as for some it will be a significant step. I look forward to developments

    • Hi Jane, I will invite you to join the googlegroup now. Yes the language gets quite strange at times. Thanks for drawing that one to my attention – I lapsed into Twitterspeak there for a moment.

      If you have a Twitter account and would like to keep track of particular conversations happening around a topic (a #hashtag) you can group them together into a tool called a Tweetdeck (a free software tool that sits on your desktop).

      Check out this great tutorial on Twitter from Sue Waters.


  4. Hi Carole
    I would like to be into that. We have one of Alison’s eportfolio projects, and I am on the national reference group.

  5. Hi Carole: this looks great! Got the link to your blog from the Wimba workshop with Kerry today. I am a graduate from Fielding Graduate University but am currently taking a post-doc certificate in Teaching in the Virtual Classroom; my instructors (Keith, Rena, Rita) were in the workshop with us today.

    • Hi there arobinsonne, awesome to have your comments and would really value having you do an interview type of case study later in the year for the eportfolio community of practice? Are you game?

  6. Carole,

    I really would be interested in what you are doing with e-portfolios. So please include me.


    • HI Keith,

      So pleased you’d like to join our band of eportfolio ‘thought leaders’ I’ll include your email in an invite to the googlegroup as a first step.


  7. Carole: I would love to! You have my email address–feel free to contact me with more information!

  8. I’m definitely interested in e-portolios. at the momen t I use mahara with my RPL candidates and find it useful, but am flummoxed by its non-acceptance of Power Points.

    • Hi Willie, great I’ll invite you in to the group shortly. Mahara for RPL is big in community centres in Victoria at the moment. Strange you’re having issues with PPT. Have you considered uploading to slideshare or googledocs and getting the emebd code. You could then use them as embedded media in Mahara. CC

  9. Hi Carole, I would really like to be involved. I have only recently started to consider e-portfolios but would like to learn more & be involved in the project.

  10. Hi Kim, I will invite you to the group shortly. This would be right time to tap into the wisdom of the eportfolio crowd. Stay tuned to the group posts for some great conversations. CC

  11. Hi Carole,
    Im new to e-portfolios but am very interested in educating nurses about the benifits of e-portfolios. I don’t think I could contribute much (due to lack of knowledge) but am willing to learn!
    thanks, Jo-Anne

    • Hi Jo-Anne, I will invite you to the groups shortly. We’re getting the EpCoP off the ground with some conversations among the thought leaders. More opportunities to join the EpCoP coming up soon.

  12. Hi, Carol,

    I’d very much like to join you from the opposite side of the world! I’ve been working for the last four years on ePortfolios 6 days a week, 12 hrs per day, solid. Not so excited by Elluminate, but very keen to participate, if you’ll have me!