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Two i’s and two c’s

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Inclusivity is a powerful force for sustaining the purpose of a group; and if harnessed together with collaboration, innovation and connectedness they will ensure that the group will become a network and finally a community of practice.

So I’ve coined a new acronym: ICIC – two i’s two c’s – inclusive, collaborative, innovative and connected as the driving force for the EpCoP.


When I am joining a new group/network online, I need to feel that my views are valued and that it is ‘safe’ to post. In other words I want to feel included.

How do we ensure that all feel included in the EpCoP?


As a facilitator I feel that there is a fine line between ‘driving’ and ‘collaborating’ to get things done. A little of each goes a long way. The googlegroup has enabled eportfolio practitioners to immediately collaborate in the sharing of conversations.  So I’m pleased with its results. Are you?

What should we now do to improve the collaboration between practitioners in the googlegroup?


Eportfolios have been around for some years now in different formats in many different countries and in a variety of educational environments. What is innovative about them now in this decade?

What is innovative about the way we now see eportfolios in education?


As a network of like-minded people the Eportfolio Community of Practice seeks to connect the ‘community of practitioners’ effectively. However there is likely to be a wide range of ‘connectedness’ preferred by its members. Some will want to read and absorb, others will want to ask questions (small and large) and get answers, yet others will want to form further connections around similarities of eportfolio practice.

What would you be seeking to gain as a member of the Eportfolio Community of Practice? What are your drivers for connectedness?

What questions would you like to ask about Eportfolios? Are you at the beginning of your journey in implementing them? or Are you already embedding them in your organisation?

All questions are relevant and welcome. You can simply add them here in comments or directly to the Eportfolio Conversations.


Author: coachcarole

Coach Carole is the name by which many of you will know me - in my role as coach and mentor for teachers, project teams and networks facilitators. I work independently as an elearning consultant for my business Macro Dimensions.

One thought on “Two i’s and two c’s

  1. Carole
    I feel that I’m in the presence of very exeprienced and technically proficient people in this e-portfolio group. I am a very small minnow in this shoal and would like to remain that way. I choose the role of “Legitimate peripheral participator” for the moment and will value what I can glean from the discussion. will no doubt step up later in the group’s life.
    Well worth establishing obviously. so well done for that.