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RSS: reasons I subscribe!

This morning’s scanning of news and articles from a variety of places that I subscribe to by RSS reminded me of the value of my subscriptions.

My tasks for today have been scoped by the information they contain. See Notes below.

1.  Sydney Morning Herald: this is a permanent feed on the desktop of my netbook. This enables me to view the late breaking news wherever I am located, for instance, in airports waiting for flights.

(Notes: although that can in fact raise one’s blood pressure if the reports are like yesterday’s and today’s news of bad weather in NE Victoria – as I was on my return journey from Adelaide to Sydney to Albury yesterday).

2. “Best of the Week” Creators Digest: this one comes directly from Ning networks to my gmail and today I was enticed to visit this blog for some relevant and realistic tips on community management.


… and now, of course, I’ve subscribed to both of these using my google reader….

(Note to self:  Add  one or two of the suggested strategies to my Action Plan  – see the Vision statement and Action Plan on this page of the EpCoP.)

3. Three things Lady GaGa is doing right in community management

This one piqued my interest and I was intrigued to find out how she manages her Twitter ‘monsters’.

(Note to self: find out more about the power of Twitter for the Eportfolio Community of Practice – create a new epcop account – and share the news widely about the growth of this EpCoP)

4. Derek’s blog -I subscribe because he too is participating in the Facilitating Online course with Sarah Stewart.

Derek’s latest blog ‘shaken not stirred’ shows us the power of networking for support in times of emergencies:

My early morning news surfing has brought some incredible imagery and information from my wider network.

These are the reasons I subscribe – thank you RSS!


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