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What do I know about networking?


Over the last decade I have developed a wide and strong personal learning network – an activity that has had deep impact on my business strategies.  Here’s a few things I’ve learned along the way:

  1. Networking builds my knowledge in the field of e-learning
  2. Networking helps me to achieve my e-learning goals
  3. Networking enables me to grow my professional connections
  4. Networking promotes my professional services
  5. Networking infuences the way I do business

Some of the tools and strategies I use for networking are as folows:

  • Google groups
  • Ning networks
  • Linked In and Facebook
  • Twitter

I have experienced the power of Google groups by the speed at which the Eportfolio Conversations have grown in the short time they’ve been in existence.

I have seen the growth of sharing ideas and challenges among the members of the ACE Network – a Ning site.

My Linked In and Facebook accounts continue to notify me of increased networking opportunities among my business colleagues.

My Twitter account enables me to dip into the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ and improve my knowledge and current competency in communicating, mentoring, moodling and facilitating

I can now use my internet tools to network widely in a time frame that suits me e.g. Twitter, Skype and Google Talk  provide opportunities to see who has online presence. I have used Skype extensively for networking, brainstorming, meeting and tutoring. This week I have upgraded my Skype account to inlcude ‘Pamela’ for recording voice conversations in Skype. I can now tap into my extended network (especially those in the Facilitating Online course with Sarah Stewart in Wikieducator) – to create opportunities to practice ‘interview’ sessions to be recorded.

Such recorded interviews may feature as ‘artefacts’ in the Eportfolio Community of Practice (EpCoP).

I have mostly been an observer in the Twitter-verse and only tend to use it sporadically. My plan is now to use Twitter to advantage to promote events coming up in the EpCoP. So I have setup a new account (attached to my coach.carole identity) for the #epcop and can now share the posting of messages about the EpCoP with others.

There are many helpful sites and artefacts on the use of Twitter, but now I am seeking specific strategies, recommendations and advice on how to use Twitter effectively as a promotional and marketing tool. In this context I am focussing on harvesting the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ and weaving that wisdom into positive Twitter posts from the EpCoP.

My next task is to design an online networking Newsletter for the EpCoP that can be generated monthly and promoted in Twitter. So I would like to gather your ideas and suggestions for a process in develop and distribute the EpCoP Newsletter. I want to use the power of the Blogging Network .

Your comments here would be welcome! If you would like to be interviewed on the subject of your eportfolio practice, experience and management, using the Pamela tool in Skype please email me or post your response as a comment to this post.


Author: coachcarole

Coach Carole is the name by which many of you will know me - in my role as coach and mentor for teachers, project teams and networks facilitators. I work independently as an elearning consultant for my business Macro Dimensions.

7 thoughts on “What do I know about networking?

  1. Hi Carole, thank you for this great summary of how you use your networks…a comprehensive summary that should inspire people who are a little reticent about engaging with web sites like Twitter, Ning etc.

    I am very keen to hear more about Pamela…do you have to pay for this or is it a free plug in?

  2. Hi Sarah, I find that when I begin my blog article I am not always sure what direction it will take me – so I let it flow. This one went through a few edits before publishing – all online too – I usually do them as word documents and publish from Word, but did not have that facility this time round.
    Pamela seems to be a free plugin (available from Tools, Extras in Skype) but only allows up to 15 mins of recording. To get more you need to pay. How about being interviewed Sarah – topic could be Twittering your Facilitation skills?

  3. Hi Carole, I like the way you refer to Twitter as dipping into the “wisdom of the crowd”. I’m enjoying using Twitter lately [] . Also thanks for the reference to Voicethreads in yesterdays session, I am really enjoying playing with it.

    • Great to hear you’re getting into Voicethreads, its a powerful medium for sharing conversations in voice. Twitter is also a powerful markting tool and I frequently use it to notify my latest blogs from WordPress. (they make it easy with a little icon to tick if I want to send it to Twitter)

  4. I was thinking, Carole…you’ll have to think about how you ‘moderate’ the event…how you get conversation happening rather than people just dumping one comment…do you see what I’m trying to say?

  5. You’re right Sarah, blog commenting has not been a facilitation tool that I’ve used much in the past, and in fact up until last year, I was not fussed about getting comments on my blog articles. Mainly I use my posts for self reflective practice, but now I see how valuable a ‘commenting conversational thread’ can be within them. I will try that out on the next article by subscribing to the comments feed – this will then notify me via gmail. (a necessary process in a busy week’s schedule)