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Global Education Conference

November 15-19

Message from Steve Hargadon – leader and organiser

“I just want to encourage you to attend as many sessions as interest to you, and to also let others know about the conference. All the conference sessions and keynotes are free, and to say that this is an historic event might even be downplaying it. Globally-connected education is becoming an incredibly important educational topic, and to be gathering so many terrific people for a first-ever event of this kind is producing tremendous synergies and connections–which is the goal. All of the sessions will also be recorded, available after the conference, and also downloadable/distributable for those in low- to no-bandwith areas.

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Join these two sessions that I will be presenting – this one about

Eportfolios Community of Practice

  • the VET story – join in to reflect and connect
  • November 16 at 11 am AEDT

and this one that I share with Anne Mirtschin, (AU) Kim Caise, Lorna Constantini and Peggy George (USA)

Classroom 2.0 Live meets the Australia Series

  • November 18 at 1 pm AEDT
  • Join us for the stories and the virtual take-aways

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